Monday, 3 July 2017

Irepressible Me, bouncing back

Wow just looking back it has been around 3 months roughly since I last posted. The reason, well without going into it too much I just have not felt well. To be honest this year so far has been an extremely tough one for me. I mean in many a persons eyes it will not seem too dramatic, but for me and how I have been feeling both physically and mentally it's just been...Mmmmm what word comes to mind... how about  Turmoil.

Out and about listening to  a few tunes

The mental side of things has been an on going thing I have battled with for ages. You see if I do not have a set goal, or achieve what I deem to be important I become very critical of myself and kind of go into attack mode. This results in a low demeanour, lack of confidence and well a period of hibernation as I call it. Of course this is a running battle many people face. Me I always bounce back. In a way maybe it is one of my character strengths. A time out to reflect, use my vast experience of what life has thrown at me and turn negatives into positives.

What really hit me hard was picking up a nasty virus towards the beginning of the year due to having low immunity. Where as most people would shake something off in a matter of a week or so I have struggled for months now with extreme fatigue and lack of motivation and like flu like symptoms. I have had a cough for what seems like forever. My neutrophil count has been low so anti-body treatment has been delayed for a good few months now as it was not clear whether the treatment was causing me to feel so crap.

Over near the Pond at local nature reserve

Lovely afternoon
Anyhoo CT scan results are in and everything is as it should be, so treatment begins on Friday again. Only another 8 months to go and then I will be back to watch and wait. I know that sounds ominous, but in reality it just means check ups and being perfectly honest I do not even think about Non Hodgkin's Lymphoma. I mean what  is the point of worrying about something now and ruining every single day up to or when I may or may not take ill.

Loving the new Silverback
So yesterday was the first ride out in months. It is probably only the 4th ride out I can recall of this year. I have to be honest when I got in from work yesterday I was not going to go out. I came in had a Chocolate ice cream lolly and a can of Coke and took up my spot on the sofa, going into couch potato mode in front of the TV. I then had the two little dudes one on each shoulder, you know the ones that represent an Angel and  Devil whispering in my ear. One was saying "yeah you just sit there and chill Glenn, who cares if you can't climb a flight of stairs without loosing your breath". And "Mmmmm that junk food sure tastes good, who cares if you are getting fat around the middle, just chill". Of course then there was the other one."You really should be looking after yourself, it's a beautiful evening, you will feel so much better if you head out". It was then they started arguing and it got on my nerves so I decided to get ready, slip on my BTK Crossover and pop in my earphones of my mp3 and head out. Not exactly peace and quiet as Linkin Park among others Blared away in my ears (Only one ear bud in whilst on the road sections) It was tough going up the hills and banks, however amazingly relaxing and enjoyable. It's amazing how you can gather your thoughts when you are off on a trail, playing some favourite tunes. When I am alone out riding I can go at my own pace and stop to take photo's of what I find interesting. It was a real bonus as the weather was lovely from going out at around 6 pm, until I came home around  8:30 pm.

I wish I could see what I was doing lol
Glenn Johnstone BTK Crossover
All is good
BTK Crossover
Off we go

I love the countryside and nature and there were lots of different flowers in bloom a myriad of various colours. Of course there was also the bain of my riding life the nettles and the odd whinny bush with it's brightly coloured yellow flowers.I did  well yesterday as I avoided all nettles and whinny bushes. I also only had one slight Off as I drove over an exposed tree root which was on a downward section of trail which was on a camber. I can recall having a big grin as I thought "Ha got away with that one". 

Peace n Quiet
Down the dry hill
Enjoying just messing about
Glenn Johnstone BTK Crossover
Out on my BTK Crossover
The only real problem I had yesterday was my normal one I am so blind these days I cannot see the display on the back of my GoPro. As it has been sometime since I used the new Hero 5 I forgot how to wifi it to my mobile phone. It was pure chance I managed to get the tow devices paired lol. So I did manage to get a few pics.

Anyhoo, hopefully this will be the start of me getting back out a bit more regular and building up my fitness once again. I have missed going out and blogging.


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