Saturday, 16 December 2017

Not a great day to try out the Buzzraw and yet proper enjoyed myself...

My dad Ern, has been feeling rather unwell the last 3 days...Man Flu it appears. He has been in bed 3 days now, so I have been handed the duty of walking Baxter. As an amputee it is not the best weather to be out walking, or should I say attempting to walk. Baxter doesn't help as he has four paw drive and has a tendency to not just go in one direction. This means it's a constant battle trying to pull him back and also stop him from tangling the leash around your legs. Then of course add to the mix all this ice.

Kotz68 Buzzraw
Out on the Buzzraw

So what possessed me to even think today would be a good day to take my new Buzzraw for a spin I do not know. Plans had been to head off out for a ride with my mate John, however it appears John had more sense, texting me saying "I wasn't sure if you were going out. I have already slipped and fallen it is proper icey out" Not only that I had contacted John the day before in a non to good mood as I had discovered Baxter had decided to eat yet another pair of my cycling shoes. That is 3 pairs he has been through now. Of course Ern thinks this is most amusing. Baxter keeps getting my shoes as they are in the downstairs toilet and someone constantly keeps leaving the door open...Ahemmm, mention no names "ERN". Anyhoo shoe situation sorted I have now put all my shoes in the cupboard where the hoover lives and have left the downstairs loo door open so Baxter can go and eat Ern's wellies instead. I'm sure they would be much more of a challenge and taste better.

Man there seemed like a lot of gear in my back pack today. Saying that I had decided to bring along my big DSLR camera. I can't use the bloody thing, but thought I would have a go. So along with my big camera a GoPro and my small camera, plus a few spare batteries and a camera stand, some bike tools just in case, a pump and a puncture repair kit, oh and a bottle of water I was probably carrying a good bit weight. Oh forgot my winter gloves just in case and my glasses as I can't see a thing nowadays and trying to figure out the small display on my cameras is a nightmare.

And off I went. I popped the Buzzraw's Banfang C965 display to max pedal assist, number 5 as this was my first go and I wanted to see what it was like. The positioning on the bike for me I have to admit is a bit cramped. I am quite tall at just over 6 feet. Good job there is a long saddle and I could position myself right at the back. Now I have not rode in a few weeks, so my fitness levels are zilch. The first test for the little Buzzraw along with some assistance from moi, was heading up our Bank, Durham Road. It's a canny bank to get up at the best of times. As I started pedalling away the electric motor cut in, it was a weird feeling, in that I am not used to it. Each time I pressed down on the pedals I could feel the assistance of the motor. I seemed to get up the bank in no time, so was well happy.

I followed on up the bank to Wear Road and called in to see if John was about,popping my bike on it's dinky little side stand, as I went to knock on his door. No answer...Mmmmm he is either out or, hiding from me. I then decided to go for a little spin on my bike, so continued up the bank towards Stanley.

kotz68 Buzzraw
Coast Cycles Buzzraw Coast Blue
My  choice of places to go in hindsight could not have been any worse. "Ooh I'll head over to Chapman's Well" I thought. I like going there because it's quiet and off the road so no cars. Upon my journey to Chapman's everywhere was just thick with ice and very slippery. Never mind I persevered. Upon one particularly sketchy icey area I just wiped out and found myself lying on the ground. Luckily no injuries I wasn't going very fast. Of course this wasn't to be my last time flat on my ass. I fell off 3 times in total today. Main thing although I am a bit sore I haven't hurt myself or my bike.

kotz68 Coast CyclesBuzzraw
Proper slippery today
kotz68 Coast Cycles Buzzraw
Coast Cycles Buzzraw
kotz68 Coast Cycles Buzzraw
Man it was slippery today
Glenn Coast Cycles Buzzraw
Coast Cycles Buzzraw
Me and my new ride
After an hour or so out I was freezing so decided to head home,  choosing a slightly off road ,up hill trail. Again the Buzzraw made this climb relatively easy. As I came out at the top of Wilkinson's Bank near Quaking houses, even the main road was a bit treacherous, especially the one heading over to the turbines on Wagtail lane. I felt the back end of my bike twitch on the ice. As a short cut to get home I headed down through South Moor Golf course, boy that was also a challenge.

Anyhoo back home now, with a few shots of my adventures. Think I will now wait until the weather clears up a bit as this ice is lethal...

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