Friday, 24 August 2018

A Blast on the Buzzraw

Well I got up this morning with the intention of having a blast out on my Coast Cycles Buzzraw, this is my small funky, retro type eBike. My idea was to try and get some drone footage of me just fooling around.

Coast Cycles Buzzraw E250
Coast Cycles Buzzraw E250
Needless to say unlike the A Team's
Colonel John “Hannibal” Smith, when he would say "I love it when a plan comes together", well my plan just did not come together at all. For starters it was way to windy. Poor little Sparky my drone was getting blown all over the shop. Then there was also the case that I am very much an amateur at flying and using the drone. As the battery only lasts between 10 to 16 minutes I kind of panic as soon as I turn the Spark on. I mean even before I proper take off I am fannying on trying to set the manual camera exposure on the screen of my smart phone.

So what I discovered today was that although Sparky has quite a few autonomous modes, called quick shots. I think there are like 4 in all, 

Dronie – Your aircraft will fly upwards and backwards whilst fixed on your chosen subject.
Rocket – Your aircraft will fly directly up with the camera facing down on the subject.
Helix – Your aircraft will fly upwards whilst circling your target with the camera facing it.
Circle – Your aircraft will orbit your chose subject once whilst focussing the camera on it. This mode is currently only available on the Spark.
After your drone has finished the chosen action it will return to the starting point unless told to do otherwise.

and they work really well like described, for quick shots. The problem I had when I choose the selected shot was that it only gave me 3 seconds before it started recording and going on to complete the chosen routine, which lasted about 30 seconds. I just did not have time to pop my remote control inside my jacket, clip into my bike pedals and set off, before Sparky was off trying to do his thing.

I am therefore going to have to invest more time in experimenting with active track and preferably on a less windy day.

Anyhoo moving on. I got to have a leisurely if somewhat wind swept pootle around Chapman Wells Nature reserve. The Buzzraw makes it easy to get around without becoming too knackered due to it's 250W electric pedal assisted Banfang motor. I love the whole design of the bike, my only gripe is that it is a little too small for my 6 feet tall frame. I am very cramped. However as I rode around and upon returning home and having a look at some pictures I had taken using my Gopro I realised just how ingenious the BTK Crossover actually is.

I can recall when I first started riding using an Ossur Total Knee. The amount of flexion was limited by both the prosthetic knee and the socket, as the knee would only bend as far as the socket. This meant I could not ride certain bikes and quite often as not had to have my seat really high to get the total revolution of my cranks. Well just check out the BTK Crossover in this picture. The knee does not limit you in the least in flexion. Great stuff as it doesn't then limit what I can potentially ride.

BTK Crossover with Integrated Cams
BTK Crossover with Integrated Cams
I found it quite difficult trying to ride along with a mobile phone in one hand and a GoPro in the other, my camera set to 30 photo's in 6 seconds LoL Oh and lets not forget the wind.

BTK Crossover with Integrated Cams
BTK Crossover with Integrated Cams
BTK Crossover with Integrated Cams
BTK Crossover with Integrated Cams
Playing around doing little ride by's 

Buzzraw with BTK crossover
Electric Power
Coast Cycles Buzzraw
Coast Cycles Buzzraw

Upon almost getting to the top of the trail I encountered these friendly girls in the field. They were really inquisitive and checking out my ride.

Coast Cycles Buzzraw
Coast Cycles Buzzraw with the girls
Some friendly cows
Will definitely have to try and experiment with Sparky a little more. Had a little play around in the GSR Yesterday with my friend John. We were up on the moors near Smidey Shore and i got this bit footage using my drone.

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